Autohaus Wolf GmbH

Simply more car!

Autohaus Wolf GmbH offers you a large selection of vehicles of all brands and is the specialist for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT & Cupra.

Your advantage with us:

As an independent dealer, without a contractual obligation to a manufacturer, we are not bound to CI regulations and therefore have significant fixed cost savings. We are happy to pass these on to our customers.

With our partner workshop and our own vehicle preparation, we are able to process a larger number of vehicles, of course in compliance with high standards.

What’s special about us:

Unser Our trained preparation staff is only available to deal with our vehicles; we do not offer these services externally. Our partner workshop works almost exclusively for us, which means our orders are processed with priority. Through this strict focus of our company on the core business, we guarantee our customers the highest quality and flexibility when selling vehicles. Short and sweet:

For us, everything revolves around your new vehicle!

All vehicles offered to private customers have a service history and a traceable history.

Current vehicle offers