Our company history

Stations in our history


On June 1st, Georg Westrich and Dietmar Stark found the company Westrich & Stark Automobile in Bochum. Only used cars and light commercial vehicles are sold


Patrick Wolf founds the trading company V-Distribution in Queidersbach near Kaiserslautern


V-Distribution expands its business services to storage, logistics, courier services and fulfillment services. The VariLog brand (for variable logistics) is created for these services


V-Distribution specializes in goods trading in leisure and camping items


With vehicle logistics and vehicle transfers, V-Distribution is once again expanding its range of services in the logistics sector


Already active in the trade in leisure and camping items and vehicle logistics,
V-Distribution begins trading in camping and leisure vehicles (caravans, mobile homes, ATVs, quads, etc.)


Dietmar Stark, co-founder and partner of Westrich & Stark Automobile, dies in a car accident


In February the headquarters will be forced to move from Queidersbach to Mackenbach and the "new" building will only serve as a temporary solution. The company is converted from the sole proprietorship V-Distribution into VAUH Ltd.

In April, VAUH Ltd., already active in the trading of camping and leisure vehicles, began trading used cars and commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tons and specialized from the outset in the Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT and CUPRA brands. The sale takes place under the name Vagenpark Automobile

After the death of his business partner Dietmar Stark in a traffic accident the year before, Georg Westrich moved to West Palatinate privately and with Westrich & Stark Automobile. The vehicles are stored at VAUH Ltd.

In November, VAUH Ltd. takes over the sole proprietorship Westrich & Stark Automobile - Georg Westrich becomes a minority shareholder in the company. From this point on, only the name Westrich & Stark Automobile will be used for vehicle sales.


From January, new cars, daily registrations, demonstration cars and annual cars will be added to the range of vehicles  - the portfolio will be expanded to include all manufacturers, true to the motto "All brands - all models". However, the specialization continues to be on the brands of the Volkswagen Group.

As of February 28, the company will discontinue warehousing, logistics, courier services and fulfillment services without replacement. Vehicle logistics and transfers will continue unchanged under the carlogis name

In March, the traditional name of vehicle sales will be slightly changed and will be Autohaus Westrich + Stark

In October 2022, the company will join the Federal Association of Independent Car Dealers e.V. (BVfK e.V. for short)

Since November, new vehicles from 32 brands can be ordered individually according to the customer's exact requirements, just like with authorized brand dealers. Georg Westrich gives up his silent participation and retires on November 30th

After Georg Westrich's early retirement, the company will operate under its new name Autohaus Wolf Ltd. from December and will only appear on the market under this name in the future


As of January 1st, the company will stop trading in goods, which has existed since 2007. In addition to the actual car dealership business and vehicle logistics, only the trade in accessories and spare parts will continue.

End of  August, the company moves into its new premises including a glass showroom and spacious outdoor area at Kindsbacher Str. 43 in Ramstein-Miesenbach. The new location is centrally located and is even easier for our customers to reach by car or train, since Ramstein train station is within walking distance.