Our quality promise

No compromises - promised!

We do not make any compromises when it comes to the quality of our vehicles, regardless of whether they are new or pre-owned vehicles. All vehicles in our inventory stand for the reliability and quality of Autohaus Wolf! This is also confirmed by our membership in the Registered Federal Asscociation of Independent Car Dealers (BVfK e.V.).

All vehicles meet the strict criteria that our customers place on their vehicle. Upon arrival, all vehicles without exception are put through their paces by our master car workshop and the history of the vehicle is checked as precisely as possible. Should repairs or maintenance and inspection work on the vehicle in question be necessary, these will be carried out immediately.

Since we want to offer our customers the best possible driving experience, and we are of course completely convinced of our vehicles, we go one step further. Each of our premium used cars can be equipped with a additional full used car guarantee from GSG of 12 months, which can be extended to up to 36 months*. Our vehicles are also maintenance-free for at least 12 months** and of course have a valid main and emissions test***!

BVfK dealers guarantee safety and reliability

BVfK used car standard (GW 2002-11)

7 rules so that consumers can buy from BVfK dealers with "safety".

1. Vehicle check

Every vehicle delivered to private buyers is checked in detail beforehand. A checklist is included with the documents. We exceed this requirement after a simple vehicle check and every vehicle is extensively checked in a 96-point check!

2. Statutory Warranty

When selling to consumers, the statutory limitation period for claims for material defects is 24 months, which can be reduced to one year for used vehicles. In the case of vehicles that are eligible for a warranty (see warranty conditions of your BVfK dealer/guarantor), the award price also includes a 6-month warranty for the three most important components, which is usually available for a surcharge on up to 11 components as well as on can be extended up to 24 months included. The warranty conditions of the BVfK dealer / guarantor are a prerequisite for the warranty extension as well as for the warranty scope and the warranty service. We exceed this requirement and offer an extension of up to 36* months, which includes not only 11, but standard 16 modules!

3. Mobility

Mobility guarantee is granted for the first 4 weeks after purchase: During the period of repairs to restore driving ability that cannot be done immediately, you will receive a rental car free of charge for up to three days for the period of repairs. We exceed this requirement and grant a free rental car up to and including 6 weeks after purchase!

4. Maintenance & technical inspection

If this has not happened within the last 15.000 km or the last 12 months and this does not conflict with the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations, your vehicle will be given an inspection with an oil change before it is handed over. The last HU/AU acceptance was not more than 12 months ago. With our Drive:MORE and Drive:PREMIUM-Package we exceed this requirement significantly!

5. Service

We look after your vehicle even after you have bought it. Through our own or our affiliated specialist workshop, you can use all services related to your vehicle cost-effectively and competently: maintenance, inspection and main inspection (TÜV, DEKRA, GTÜ etc.), bodywork and painting work, tires and exhaust, brakes and shock absorbers, glass repairs and vehicle care.

6. Assessment

On request, we would be happy to arrange for the customer to have an independent expert prepare a cost-effective appraisal of the vehicle condition that accompanies the customer's purchase. If previously unknown defects become apparent in the report, we offer you either repairs or the option of withdrawing from the contract at no cost.

7. Arbitration Boards

If there is a dispute, you can contact the arbitration board (schiedsstelle@bvfk.de) of the BVfK. Consumers can find competent and free help here.

General information

The above sales rules apply to used vehicles offered by members of BVfK e.V. for sale in their own name to private consumers. They do not restrict the statutory consumer rights, but apply beyond them. These rules do not apply, or only apply to a limited extent, to sales to entrepreneurs, as well as to mediation. When selling to private consumers, the condition defined here can be deviated from if this is expressly referred to in the advertising and/or this was or is expressly agreed in the purchase contract. This applies in particular in connection with any rebates or price reductions, which are usually accompanied by a reduction in any previously offered services. The contents of individual purchase contracts may therefore have priority over this set of rules.

BVfk odometer warranty

Along with age, the mileage of a used car is one of the key value-determining factors. The correctness of this information is therefore of particular importance. Even if media reports often give the impression that odometer manipulation is commonplace, the unequivocal statement by the BVfK and its members is:

„We reject odometer manipulation - this is fraud!“


Therefore, for all vehicle sales to private individuals (consumers) at BVfK dealers there is the speedometer warranty described in more detail below:

The BVfK guarantees,

  • that no fraudulent manipulation of the speedometer (odometer) was carried out or initiated by the BVfK dealer.
  • that the BVfK dealer was not and could not have been aware of any manipulation.

Should the opposite turn out to be the case, the association guarantees that the vehicle will be taken back immediately by the dealer or that the value will be compensated on the basis of a DEKRA or TÜV assessment.

Customers of BVfK dealers can therefore be sure that they will not manipulate the speedometer and will also look critically for traces of manipulation or detect noticeable deviations between the expected and actual status. The reference to the previous owner does not relieve the burden in the case of obvious signs. If such signs are present, this will be expressly pointed out in the purchase contract.

How does this warranty relate to statutory claims for defects?

This warranty is a voluntary service by the BVfK. Irrespective of whether the warranty event actually occurs or warranty services are actually used, the consumer can assert claims for liability for defects against the seller, provided that the purchased item was not free of defects at the time of the transfer of risk. Rights from this warranty exist in addition to the statutory rights of the consumer (claims for defects according to §§ 437 ff BGB).

How long and in which geographical area does the warranty exist?

The warranty is valid in terms of time throughout the period of ownership of the vehicle and until it is resold. The territorial scope of the warranty is limited to Germany.

Who is the guarantor??

The guarantor is the Bundesverband freier KFZ-Händler e.V. (Federal Association of Independent Motor Vehicle Dealers e.V.), represented by the Managing Director Ansgar Klein, Reuterstraße 241, 53113 Bonn.

BVfK new vehicle standard

The corresponding PDF documents for the BVfK new vehicle standard can be found here! Only available in german language

Detailed information about our vehicles and our quality promise can be found in our FAQ!

*= Duration of the guarantee depends on the age and mileage of the vehicle (according to guarantee conditions)
**= Renewal of the general inspection and thus extension to 24 months possible for an additional charge
***= Only applies if your vehicle is towed in and the repairs take at least 3 working days