Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The most important answers to your questions

Here we have compiled the most important information about our quality promise, our vehicle and the purchase process for you in a compact and clear manner.

All about our vehicles

Do your vehicles have a warranty?

All new cars, demonstration vehicles, one-day-registration and year-old-cars come with a full manufacturer's guarantee, which is between 2 and 5 years, depending on the manufacturer. Our top used vehicles always come with a full used car warranty from GSG of 12 months, which can be extended to up to 36 months*.

What does "at least 12 months maintenance-free" mean?

All our vehicles are put through their paces upon receipt or purchase. All wearing parts that need to be replaced are replaced and all maintenance and inspection work is carried out by our master car workshop. But we go one step further: If a regular time dependent maintenance or inspection is due in the next 12 months** after purchase, this will be done by us. In this way, we ensure that you do not have to take your new vehicle to the workshop for the first six months after purchase.

Do your vehicles have a valid main inspection and emissions test (TÜV)?

For sure! Our new cars have 3 years inspection from first registration. Our top used vehicles have a general inspection and emissions test that is valid for at least 12 months. If the current main and emissions test is due in less than 12 month, we will renew it free of charge before the vehicle is handed over. On request, a inspection that is valid for more than 12 months can be extended to 24 months for you at an additional cost.

What is the "Drive-Package" bzw. "Drive-PLUS-Package"?

Both packages stand for the quality and reliability of our vehicles and the service of our company. It means you can get in and drive straight away without worrying about the vehicle!

The "Drive Package" meets the minimum requirements of the BVfK e.V. in terms of testing, maintenance and warranty (or even exceeds them in some cases) and offers you additional amenities so that you can start driving immediately without any worries! Vehicles with "Drive Package" include:

  • 96-criteria vehicle check (minimum requirement of the BVfK: 22 criteria)
  • at least 12 months maintenance-free**
    (Minimum requirement of the BVfK: Inspection not older than 12 months or 15.000 km)
  • technical inspection (TÜV) valid for at least 12 months
  • 12 months statutory warranty
  • at least 12* months car guarantee on 16 modules possible
    (Minimum requirement of the BVfK: at least 12 months on 11 modules)
  • warning triangle & valid first aid kit (no legal Dealer's obligation)
  • safety vests in the vehicle (no legal Dealer's obligation)
  • Parking disc and ice scraper in the vehicle (ice scraper only from November to March inclusive)

If either in terms of maintenance and/or guarantee the "Drive package" and thus also the minimum requirements of the BVfK e.V. are exceeded by far, it is our "Drive PLUS package"! These advantages and other amenities are a big PLUS for you as a buyer and you can start worry-free! Vehicles with "Drive PLUS Package" include:

  • 96-criteria vehicle check (minimum requirement of the BVfK: 22 criteria)
  • major inspection incl. oil change & brake fluid before delivery & up to 24 months maintenance-free
    (Minimum requirement of the BVfK: Inspection not older than 12 months or 15.000 km)
  • technical inspection (TÜV) new before delivery
    (Minimum requirement of the BVfK: technical inspection [TÜV] valid for at least 12 months)
  • 12 months statutory warranty
  • up to 36* months car guarantee on 16 modules possible
    (Minimum requirement of the BVfK: at least 12 months on 11 modules)
  • warning triangle & new first aid kit (no legal Dealer's obligation)
  • safety vests in the vehicle (no legal Dealer's obligation)
  • Parking disc and ice scraper in the vehicle (ice scraper only from November to March inclusive)

Are your vehicles accident-free?

All vehicles that have suffered major accident damage that goes beyond minor animal collision damage or so-called minor damage (e.g. parking scratches) are not even offered to our private customers. If one of the vehicles offered has suffered damage that must be reported, this will of course be stated in the vehicle description and also recorded in the purchase contract. Vehicles with major accident damage, even if they have been repaired in a specialist workshop, are only sold to traders or for export.

Do you also have particularly cheap vehicles on offer?

Inexpensive or cheap is unfortunately always at the expense of the reliability, quality and condition of the vehicle - and thus at the expense of the customer. We therefore deliberately do not have vehicles in the cheap segment, but rather those with the best value for money in the respective price segment. We don't want to be a dealer with the cheapest vehicles, but one with the most satisfied customers, and that's what our promise of quality stands for! And we achieve this with flawless and well-maintained vehicles. We are therefore happy to leave cheap and cheap with upcoming maintenance work, repairs, hidden defects and dubious history to other dealers!

What does "Nur für Gewerbetreibende oder Export" mean?

This means "Only for traders or export". We place high demands on all our vehicles - we not only place these on new cars but also on our used ones! All vehicles that are intended for sale to private customers (end users) must therefore meet high criteria. All vehicles that are older than 15 years, have run more than 200,000 km, have suffered accident damage (beyond minor game damage or minor damage), have not maintained their checkbook or have a dubious history are not offered to our private customers. These go directly to so-called buyers or directly to export.

What does "Im Kundenauftrag" mean?

Vehicles that are offered with this note, which means "Offered in behalf of customers" are cars from customers who have purchased a new vehicle from us but have not traded in their old vehicle to us. In such cases, however, we are happy to take on the brokerage of our customers' "old vehicles". In the case of such a purchase, the contractual partner is exclusively the previous holder or owner. These vehicles do not come with a dealer warranty or used car guarantee.

Are the vehicles in the presentation images edited?

No! Of course, we ensure the best lighting conditions for the vehicle presentation in order to present the vehicles to you in the best possible and realistic way. In order to present the vehicles as attractively as possible, a corresponding background is used and supplemented by the footer. However, the vehicles themselves are not processed or retouched in any way and correspond to the actual condition.

All about test drives and vehicle purchases

Can the offered vehicles be test driven?

All vehicles from our stock, with the exception of vehicles that has to be ordered, can of course be test driven. Vehicles that are marked as "Bestellfahrzeug", all exclusively new vehicles, are located in our central warehouse and are now delivered to us after a firm customer order. These vehicles can be viewed in detail online, but it is not possible to test drive a specific vehicle that has to be ordered.

Do I need an appointment for a viewing and test drive?

Yes absolutely! We take the time for you and your dream vehicle, so an appointment for the inspection and test drive is absolutely necessary. In this way we can ensure that your desired vehicle has not been sold in the meantime and that our license plates are also available for a test drive.

What documents do I need to bring with me for a test drive?

For a test drive we need a valid identity card or passport as well as the driving licenses of all drivers.

What payment options do you offer?

All vehicles, whether new or used, can be paid for either in cash or by bank transfer. For those customers who prefer to finance their new vehicle. We offer the favorable financing conditions

Do you accept VAT form?

Of course we do! 

Are your displayed prices including VAT?

In Germany mostly all pre-owned cars are without VAT by german tax law. Only a small amount of used cars have VAT included - new cars in contrast are always with VAT included. All our cars which have VAT included in the price are marked with the note "Mehrwersteuer ausweisbar".  On all cars with this note you can deduct 19% from the displayed price. All vehicles without this note VAT is already ecluded.

How does the purchase and handover work?

Since we adapt individually to the situation of our customers, this cannot be answered in general terms. It also depends on whether it is a used vehicle or, in the case of a new vehicle, a warehouse or order vehicle. The arrival of our customers is also included in the purchase process.

All about trade-ins and purchasing

Do you trade in vehicles?

When you buy a vehicle from our dealership, we will of course also take your previous vehicle in part exchange.

Do you also buy vehicles if i do not buy a car at your dealership?

It is generally possible to purchase your vehicle without buying a vehicle at our dealership. However, our team decides individually whether a purchase is an option based on the vehicle on offer. Please note that vehicles which are older than 10 years and/or have driven more than 200.000km are only sold to commercial customers and for export. Such vehicles are only purchased from us as part of the purchase of a vehicle (new cars, one-day-registrations, demonstration vehicles, year-old cars or used cars) from our stock. A purchase of such a vehicle withour buying one of our vehicles is not possible.

How are these vehicles rated?

We evaluate your car, objectively and fairly, exclusively through the DAT (Deutsche Automobil Treuhand), formerly known as the Schwacke list. Without tricks and tripping hazards! If our offer does not appeal to you, you are not obliged to sell.

How does the rating work?

We can make the assessment individually, depending on how far away you are from us.

If you come from our area, we will arrange an appointment in our master car workshop where your vehicle will be examined. During the technical check, the vehicle data is already recorded in the evaluation system. Immediately afterwards you will receive the price for the vehicle.

If you have a longer way to us, we can offer you a non-binding evaluation in advance. You send us the relevant vehicle data and vehicle images, we will provide you with the details and we will evaluate your vehicle without obligation and subject to the technical inspection. So you know the approximate price of your vehicle and whether it corresponds to your expectations that the way to us is "worth it". A technical check is carried out at our site afterwards.

*= Warranty period depends on the age and mileage of the vehicle (according to warranty conditions)
**= for 12 month from purchase date for time-dependant inspections according to manufacturer specifications. All vehicles were last inspected no longer than 12 months or 15.000km ago.